Renovating your house.

Blog / May, 2021

I was recently in a situation where I had to renovate my apartment. Everything was getting so old and not in the good kind, not in the Vintage style. It was just old and rusty, and I had to remove everything; it's just that it wasn't just the furniture that needed changing. The walls needed paint, and some electrical issues needed fixing.

At first, I could do it myself, everything apart from the electrical parts, because I am no electrician, but I did think that I could handle the rest on my own, which I learn the hard way that I couldn't. The start was okay because I thought it was just going well and everything was alright, but after a while, things started falling apart again, and this time I had to hire a real professional.

I found this great reviewed person. He was a handyman that did a renovation for my house. He was working on his own, so he didn't have a company or a firm he was working for, but I needed someone to do some minor work around my house because the major ones didn't need any change.

I was so upset with myself for not hiring one since the Beginning because all I did was spend money and time on something that in the end and it up being ruined again. My advice to you would always be to hire a professional unless you are one.

Minor things like setting up a new picture on the wall, or changing a lightbulb, or changing the showerhead are very simple and don’t really need a professional hand. You by your own can do it. Actually you can even paint the walls yourself, I find it to be therapeutical, fun, and very artsy.

I painted my bedroom 6 different colors just for fun, and I ended up loving it. It’s not perfect but I did it myself and I am extra proud of it. I actually like to think that it’s a Picasso painting.. Yeah, that eases my mind when I start overthinking and wondering why I ever did that.

My point is that some things in the renovation area need a professional, but some others, like painting your walls, or putting up a picture only need you and some good will.

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